Sun Kepina Baby Sling

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Baby Carrier - Made with Love in Brazil!

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We offer beautiful and practical wrap slings to carry safely your little one! All our slings are ready to ship and leave our house within 48 h!

Buy one for you and one as gift! Buy online, fast and secure paying via paypal. Use your credit card, no paypal account needed.

Why choose the Sun Kepina wrap sling

♥ handsfree baby carrier
♥ from newborn to toddler
♥ suitable for preemies
♥ perfect for discreet nursing
♥ provides security and privacy
♥ avoids over-stimulation
♥ 100% cotton
♥ easy to use!

▪ ◦ • ○ ♥ Discover the joys of Babywearing! ♥ ○ • ◦ ▪

♥ carried babies cry less
♥ sleep more and better
♥ suffer less from colics and reflux
♥ are calmer
♥ become independent faster

Learn how to use the wrap sling, see our instructional videos here!

Our experience as babywearing parents went into the design of the Sun Kepina Baby Sling. You are buying a first quality, handmade product that has a lot of advantages over commercial brands. The Sun Kepina Wrap Sling is made from soft cotton jersey making it a lot easier to tie and to use than woven wraps. You need to learn only ONE basic tie to begin. You can take your baby out of the wrap and put it in again without retying (not possible with a woven wrap). Unlike other stretchy wrap brands the Sun Kepina Sling is made from a thinner but strong, breathable fabric making it suitable for hot climates as well. Try it out! Don´t hesitate and ask us any question you might have using our contact form.

Read more about the advantages of Babywearing and the Sun Kepina wrap sling!

What makes the difference between the Sun Kepina wrap sling and other baby carriers:

  • it distributes the child's weight evenly over both shoulders and your entire back, whereas a ring sling or pouch uses one shoulder only, which can lead to back and neck strain.


  • provides an ergonomic position for the baby, supporting hips, spine and head, even during babies sleep. The baby is in a physiological sitting position with her legs flexed and abducted (knees at the level of his buttocks or higher). Some structured carriers do not provide this position but let babies legs dangle down straight, which can be harmful for proper hip development.


  • allows direct skin to skin contact with your baby which makes it perfect for the kangaroo method with preemies. But of course all babies love being close to your skin, listening to your heart . In a pouch or ring sling you have a layer of fabric between you and your baby, in a wrap sling not.


  • a wrap sling is the most comfortable and versatile carrier, it allows many different positions, front, side and on the back.

Sun Kepina Wrap Sling

  • Veja os modelos disponíveis do Sun Kepina Baby Slings aqui
  • Veja os modelos disponíveis do Sun Kepina Baby Slings aqui
  • Veja os modelos disponíveis do Sun Kepina Baby Slings aqui
  • Veja os modelos disponíveis do Sun Kepina Baby Slings aqui
  • Veja os modelos disponíveis do Sun Kepina Baby Slings aqui

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"Poder carregar o nosso bebé no Wrap Sling - o que é sem dúvida o mais sadio e natural para ele - tendo as mãos livres e o peso bem distribuido é uma mão na roda! Também é um presente que ficará no coração a vida toda."

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